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Yoram Rodriguez with James Baker Jr.

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“James Baker thank you so much for the work you’ve done at Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. Your workshop titled “Ball on a Budget” introduced our young people to financial literacy, money management, and responsibility. As our Keynote speaker for our Men’s Day Luncheon, inspired our young men to strive for excellence. Lastly, we thank you for the tremendous contribution you made to our young people by making it possible for more than hundred young people to have the opportunity to visit Yankee stadium to see the storybook franchise play. Words cannot truly express the debt of gratitude we owe you for your tremendous sacrifice and dedication.”

Yoram Rodriguez
Former Area Director, Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club

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Anthony Shropshire, CPWA with James Baker Jr.


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“James Baker has a genuine talent for being able to quickly relate and understand the person sitting on the other side from the table as him. This allows him to quickly diagnose some of the lingering inner roadblocks that folks may have and effectively help discover the mental and spiritual compass to guide them to light. His humble, genuine and lighthearted approach coupled with his strong passion and leadership skills are his greatest tools for effective communication and guidance.” 

Anthony Shropshire
CPWA (R), VP & Senior Wealth Management Advisor, 
Merrill Lynch


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Teressa Moore Griffin with James Baker Jr.

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“James Baker loves people and enjoys inspiring them to be their best and succeed. Wherever he goes, and with whomever he works, he leaves a lasting and positive imprint that changes things for the better. Welcome James into your life.  You’ll enjoy working with him as he inspires you to explore new vistas and climb to new heights.”

Teressa Moore Griffin,
Founder & CEO –Spirit of Purpose, LLC


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Beth Clark Allegro Training with James Baker Jr.

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“I would work with James Baker on any project which requires loyalty and diligence.  He is an excellent speaker/educator in the arena of Diversity and Inclusion.  His commitment to getting results, making a difference and being in it for the long haul is what it takes to move people and organizations forward.”

Beth Clark,
CEO, Allegro training & Consulting

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I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize a gentleman, leader, advisor, mentor and friend that has not only inspired me but left a positive impact my life and the lives of many others, Mr. Reverend James Baker. 

I have been fortunate to have known Reverend James Baker for over eleven years. During that time span, I have witnessed Reverend James Baker’s selflessness, compassion for others and commitment to serve. His mentorship and guidance has greatly assisted me successfully navigate personal and professional challenges.

I have worked in various roles leading large organizations for several Fortune 500 Companies. I was also a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to work with great leaders from various backgrounds and industries. Reverend James Baker’s servant leadership ranks up with the top echelon of those individuals.

It is truly my honor and privilege to provide a Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Reverend James Baker.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

Edward D. Naylor,
Section Manager Manhattan Gas Operations

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“James Baker, Jr. gets it.  He understands that spiritual resilience means turning hardships into stepping stones.  He knows that you cannot find moral direction from your smart phone.  He has a lifetime of experience but does not spend his time looking back.  He will help you find what you are called to do and move ahead to reach where you need to go.  I know.  We’ve walked together for many years.  I’ve been inspired by his leadership and am pleased to endorse him.

Dale T. Irvin,
President New York Theological Seminary
President and Professor of World Christianity

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“James is amongst the many blessings in my life.  Blessings often show up in times of difficulty. We often dismiss blessings that show up in disguise.  I accepted James with open arms even though our connection was unlikely.  He is an incredible spiritual advisor, mentor, counselor, and friend.”

Craig Ivey,
Senior Executive Leader

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“I have serviced the residents of the Cobble Hill Center, located at 380 Henry Street  Brooklyn 11201  New York for nearly three years as Chaplain, taking the place of the minister who relocated after serving for fifteen years for Prayer Tower Ministries under the Pastor  Patricia Hightower. This facility houses and provides services for the older adults, Chronically ill disabled and debilitated patients. Pastor Baker has rendered service coming all the way to Brooklyn from New Jersey to preach to those that have often been forgotten by their own families. Their responses have been those of joy an alertness, as he has given words of hope and encouragement even to the staff of the facility as well as the other ministers serving. I  believe that it is duly noted in Heavens Journals, for it is written that if you give the least of His servants a cup of water in His name that you have done it unto Jesus Himself. I am grateful for the selfless ministry that Pastor Baker has offered at my request. I solicit  the Fathers reward in repayment for his service of ministry to the people at Cobble Hill, where our theme is ‘I am not forgotten God Knows my Name.’ “

Deborah Pressey,
Chaplain Cobble Hill Center


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