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James is a former spiritual leader of a corporate Bible study for a Fortune 500 Company.

Are you looking to use your leadership gifts in a way that helps people in more ways? Do you need clarity on your purpose to help others in your community?

I want to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Being in leadership isn’t always easy. There are moments when feelings of being misunderstood and “how do I continue like this” impact our thoughts.

Spiritual leaders, in particular, get thousands of visions and ideas deposited daily. And, there’s a lot of uncertainty because you lack how to start or even continue for that matter. Plus, you’ll gain clarity and the skills to begin focusing on how to implement your vision and ideas for your local community. I can help define your leadership skills in FOUR primary areas that automatically comes with the call to leadership:

1. Spiritual Leadership

Our Leadership modality is to implement new interpretive frameworks, personal skills, competencies, and best work practices. I will provide and help to address the transition that the leaders or leaders in the making themselves face entering our consultation. Generally, leaders face two types of personal transition.

You may be in your mid-twenties with relatively little experience, or a senior leader with a variety of more experience in your work efforts but are still in a fundamental process of self-creation: you feel you want to make a contribution to an issue you’re passionate about. Our leadership program offers you an opportunity to assess your aspirations, skills, assumptions, and beliefs.

You will learn how to develop the necessary skills needed for the community in order to be the kind of leader you want to be in the specific context you’ve chosen in work/Ministry.

If you’re a mid-career leader, you may be facing the challenge of self-re-creation. You may have a successful career in your Church or corporate world and are finding that now you want to immerse yourself in work that has a pressing passion for you to begin.

Our program will prepare you to understand your inner capability make money through the mission to become transpersonal. In other words, you seek higher goals, beyond the self. Self-(re-)creation towards these higher goals is a central dimension of Transformative Leadership.

Self-creation as a leader offers an opportunity for self-reflection, a deep exploration of our values and goals, at the personal, local, and global level, an awareness and articulation of the context in which we are creating ourselves, and the practices through which we can make this possible.

In an age of transition, one of the key dimensions of transformational leadership education is not just learning but unlearning. Many of us were brought up with the images of the leadership of Modernity. However, in postmodernity, there are some leadership modalities we can leverage for successful outcomes.

2. Diversity & Inclusion

Motivating today’s corporate workforce on the reality that diversity and inclusion are more than simply the trend of the time in order to make society more integrated or right the thing to do.  I will demonstrate through compelling presentations and experiential workshops that diversity and inclusion can also improve the bottom line of businesses.

In fact, diversity and inclusion will help to mitigate other organizational complex challenges within the work environment.  The 21st-century Diversity and Inclusion demonstrates the best work practices I will show and why. As a critical thinker, writer, and speaker whose ideas and advice are sought after by corporations, nonprofits, and leaders around the world, I make a clear and compelling pragmatic case for diversity and inclusion.

You will receive evidence that teams that include different kinds of thinkers outperform the traditional business model thinkers, and diversity and inclusion thinkers do business in an extraordinary effort on complex assignments, producing what I call “the value of diversity and inclusion benefits.”

The value is realized in enhanced leadership and employee problem solving, increased morale, and more collaborative teamwork, all of which lead to better performance and outcomes. The value of Diversity and Inclusion also captures the stories of people and organizations that have leveraged the potency of diversity and inclusion to solve complex concerns; such as employee retention, mentoring for success, cross-cultural communication, interviewing skills, and experiential workshops. 

The result changes the way we think about diversity in the workplace, and in our everyday lives. Diversity and Inclusion are for everyone not only those who are minorities and I will endeavor to make sure that is realized by all the lives we touch. Schedule Your Free Consultation here .

3. Youth Empowerment

Transformational Mentoring, Coaching, program that involves a structured session or curriculum which can offer either short or long-term group mentoring sessions. Key components of the curriculum focus on potential development, character development, purposeful engagement, spiritual development, life skills training, proper handling of profiling management, and career development skills.

The primary audience is youth of color, who are perceived to be “deemed at-risk.” The program’s intent is to prepare these youth to be leaders in their future, families, and financial well-being. I endeavor to specialize in providing engagement and interventions for youth in the early stages of their life’s development and those that need another chance to make a productive life for themselves. Schedule Your Free Consultation here .

4. The Elderly

Transformational Mentoring, Coaching, program that identifies and intimately speaks to people living in a nursing home, who consider their self-existence at risk because they feel dependent on the daily nursing care process. Empowering those waiting for help and support is experienced as a feeling of hopelessness is my primary objective.

In addition, the nursing home residents experience the challenge of having no place to call home, as there are no private rooms available in most nursing homes. Having the sensitivity and understanding, social contacts are perceived differently after entering a nursing home than they were before.

Nursing home residents still want to feel part of society outside the nursing home and they should be made to feel that way. They also wish to remain in contact with family members and friends, consequently maintaining their social contacts with significant people.

I ensure empowerment of presence and compassion that demonstrates appreciation and respect for people living in a nursing home. The harsh reality of nursing home residents, that must be highlighted, is contact between many nursing home residents and their families become compromised after they move into a nursing home. I also will endeavor to mitigate some of these realities and incorporate an unprecedented Love and create new family collaborations.’ Schedule Your Free Consultation here .