Judges 16:16-17 (MSG) She kept at it day after day, nagging and tormenting him. Finally, he was fed up—he couldn’t take another minute of it. He spilled it. He told her, “A razor has never touched my head. I’ve been God’s Nazirite from conception. If I were shaved, my strength would leave me; I would be as helpless as any other mortal.”18 When Delilah realized that he had told her his secret, she sent for the Philistine tyrants, telling them, “Come quickly—this time he’s told me the truth.” They came, bringing the bribe money.19 When she got him to sleep, his head on her lap, she motioned to a man to cut off the seven braids of his hair. Immediately he began to grow weak. His strength drained from him.

Our personal weaknesses can blind us to dangers that impact our relationship with the Lord.

As a child, Samson was dedicated to God, and God gifted him with supernatural strength. But Samson had a lifetime weakness, his desire for women.

If you know the story, then you know that Samson was blinded to the dangers he faced in his relationship with Delilah.

His enemies paid Delilah to discover the secret of his strength. Do you have a weakness for women, men, or passions which makes you blinded to dangers in your relationship with God?

Women and Men often use God to achieve fortune, fame, honor, and respect. Talent, personality, and cleverness are all used to advance God’s kingdom.

But I am not sure God is impressed with it. Especially when God’s strength is perfected in those of weakness (II Corinthians 12:9-10).

The weakness God speaks about is our human inability to obey His commandments in our own strength.

God calls us to a life of holiness and separation. God challenges us through His Word and tells us we can be free from the bondage of sin.

His Word promises freedom from sin’s power, as well as forgiveness. God’s Word comes to us with some impossible challenges “Resist the devil.

Walk in the Spirit. Come out from among them. What are we supposed to learn from this?

We need the Lord to strengthen us in times of our personal weakness challenges.

Three times she begged him to let her in on his secret, and each time she tried to use this information to hand him over to his enemies.

All three times, Samson lied to her and was able to escape, but each time he got closer to telling her the truth.

In the end, Samson revealed his secret, was taken captive, and died a slave in the hands of his enemies.

Samson’s real problem can be found in his wayward passions, which his enemies took advantage of.

His disobedience to God caused him to gradually inch his way toward destruction and violent death.

Now I must confess this is a real concern to me and my life. What do we learn from the story of Samson?

Though our choices may not lead to a violent death, they can lead to the destruction of our families, jobs, or reputation.

We protect ourselves with God and the people of God that stand alongside us in times of weakness.

Many of us, think we can do it on our own! So, we try and go into a convulsive concentration of all our inner resources.

We fight and grit our teeth and muster up all our human powers. We set out with great energy and resolve, calling upon all we have and taking matters into our own hands.

Many of us proceed to “obey or die trying!” It works for a little while until the Lord crosses things up.

God steps in and foils all men’s schemes and self–determined efforts of the flesh. Then failure strikes, just at the moment all seemed to be going so well.

These do–it–our self-efforts end up frustrated, defenseless, and weak. That is when our Lord takes over. God comes then with such a comforting message; “Lay down your weapons.

Quit trying to be so self–sufficient and strong. I am your weapon and way through this crisis.

God is literally saying to all of us, “I am your strength”. Let Me do what you can never do. You are not supposed to do it on your own.

Point to ponder

You can protect yourself by developing relationships with those who love you and are devoted to God’s truth.

It will help you choose obedience when you might have been tempted to choose otherwise. Unlike Delilah, safe, trustworthy friends will prove to be a source of strength, encouragement, and wisdom. Ask yourself is this the story of Samson or me? There are Christians who fail the Lord. They love Him very much they worry about grieving Him. But, despite their love and good intentions, they fall into sin.

Sure, you have failed. Maybe yesterday or today! Grievously! shamefully! But do you believe Jesus has the power to ultimately free you from sin’s power? Do you believe the Cross of Jesus means sin’s bondage is broken? do you accept the fact that He has promised to deliver you from the snare (trap) of Satan? Continue to believe the Lord will give you the victory, and I believe with you today, we win!!

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