Psalm 22:27-28 (MSG) From the four corners of the earth people are coming to their senses, are running back to GOD. Long-lost families are falling on their faces before him. GOD has taken charge; from now on he has the last word. 29. All the power-mongers are before him—worshiping! All the poor and powerless, too worshiping! Along with those who never got it together—worshiping!

Life will cause all of us to feel powerless at times.

Sometimes we feel powerless for one reason or another.

You may be in a situation where other people have power over you.

In our country right now, this past weekend is enough to be concerned about:

  • Clashes broke out at rival protests in downtown Portland over the weekend, leaving one man dead.
  • A former police officer charged in George Floyd’s killing has asked a judge to dismiss his case.
  • In one Louisiana community, power may be out for two months after deadly Hurricane Laura hits.
  • The painful police brutality and shooting of Jacob Blake in front of his family, and the impact on the sports world.
  • US Marshals found 39 missing children during an operation to rescue endangered minors in Georgia.
  • The death of Chadwick Boseman and the world mourning the superhero we desperately needed in this 21st Century.

You may feel that you are trapped by the demands of others and that there’s no way to please them all.

It’s a double-bind: to please one is to disappoint another.

Sometimes when we feel stuck and frustrated with our relationships, we look for a measure of control by escaping through our various addictive behaviors.

There are times when you will feel powerless in life.

If you let events happening around you control your thinking, you will be pushed around by the changes of the world instead of powered by your own experiences and truth.

I just wanted to let you know today, you can decide how you will respond in times of change. Always remember when you are connected to God, you have all the power you need.

When you are caught in no-win situations, don’t run away through your addictive or compulsive escape practices.

In times like these God is there, and the Lord listens to your concerns for real. God hears your cries and is willing to give you hope for the future.

If in your life, you feel powerless, admit it to God, and watch God work in your life. God raises up those who came out of hopelessness and began counting on His strength and help.

In fact, most ministries and amazing success stories come out of a helpless situation, including mine.

When God intervenes and gives hope to the helpless, we want to minister to others.

Always remember your times of experiencing powerless feelings are great times to connect with God in a meaningful way.

Point to ponder

I’ve discovered to make certain you have people, readings, and events in your life that remind you of the amazing need and power of God.

Admit to God that you are powerless; surrender to the Lord and allow His Holy Spirit to invade your life, it’s the power you need to move forward. You can begin today, let’s go!!

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