Isaiah 50:4 (NKJV) The Sovereign Lord has taught me what to say, so that I can strengthen the weary. Every morning he makes me eager to hear what he is going to teach me. 5 The Lord has given me understanding, and I have not rebelled or turned away from him.

There are always times to experience the need for tipping point opportunities in our lives.

The other day I read a story about a man and his experience of being fired from his job.

After the initial shock had worn off, he grieved for a while, and then he sat around the house and did nothing.

Because he had considerable savings, he didn’t have to work, so he didn’t.

Staying home became easier and easier. What are you doing that makes life easier, yet it robs you of your future?

In the story of this man and that was ten years ago, and now his savings were depleted. Being fired left him without employment, but his self-imposed sabbatical left him without self-respect.

Now he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

If you lose your job – which a lot of American’s are experiencing these days during COVID-19, police brutality, racial uprising, and protests, don’t drop out of life. Fight through this time in your life.

As a matter of fact, this may be an opportunity for what I call a Tipping point change.

The meaning of Tipping points: are those moments in life when a trend is recognized and a decision that changes everything impacts our lives in our society and culture.

It is a crossroad moment like the loss of a job and the grieving of lives murdered in cold blood on the streets of our nation offers you the opportunity to make such a decision. Where are you in your life, leadership, and career?

The value of personal tipping point evaluations in your life.

There is tremendous value in recognizing our own personal tipping points.

If most of your relationships are positive and healthy, this awareness will help you make the most of your relationship choices and work through any glitches in otherwise good relationships.

Are you in an adverse season or coming out of a difficult or challenging relationship?

Here’s an opportunity to do some inquiry work about the drivers behind your tipping point.

  • If a relationship is problematic for you, really evaluate this person’s place in your life. What do you tolerate?
  • How does this relationship enhance or subtract from your life? What do you want to say to this person?
  • What motivates you to remain engaged in a relationship that doesn’t feel right?
  • How can you be a contributor in this 2020 season of unrest in our nation?

These are baseline questions that will help you evaluate the good and bad relationships in your life.

Whatever your tipping point moments are: these can be categorized as defining moments in your life because it’s a time when what was only imagined or perceived, finally becomes reality.

Point to ponder

Tipping points can be negative trends or can be energizing, we can have faith-inducing trend moments.

If you have lost your job, are you thinking of a career change, or know someone who is, think of it as a tipping point, and see what God has in store for you.

Whatever, you decide please don’t rob your own life of the future God has in store for you!

Be sure to read the book “Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, he shares how little things make a big difference in our lives.

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