Thank you so much for your kindness in subscribing to my blog messages. It has been our sincere desire to serve you as a part of our Grace and Truth family.

In our efforts to be relevant and kingdom-minded we do understand that our pivot in writing on issues such as COVID-19, Police brutality, Black lives matters, and the racial turmoil of our nation, can be cause for people to make choices about reading our daily messages.

However, in no way, am I saying this is the case for you, but felt compelled as the lead person of Grace and Truth Leadership to express my position especially in this defining season in our world.

I concur with Reverand Bernice King – Jesus didn’t call it “social justice.” He simply called it Love.

If we would only Love our neighbors beyond comfort, borders, race, religion, and other differences that we’ve allowed to be barriers, “social justice” would be a given. Love makes justice happen (Matthew 25:40).

Our platform must be and will always be used as an expression of the community of the people we serve.

In fact, you are in that community sisters and brothers whatever your race, creed, religion, and ethnicity.

It is an expression of love for our families and our communities. Love for our Black family members and friends.

And solidarity with the Black community whom we have seen stand up to injustice around the world to fight for equity.

We stand up for our senior citizens, our millennials, and all of God’s children.

But my messages must also be an expression of truth, sadness, and anger. Our world is in need of some leadership and life transformation.

Special thanks!

Pastor James Baker, Jr. and our leadership team are especially thankful for those of you who provided financial donations and support in the month of July 2020, by partnering with us in efforts to advance the kingdom of God in this 21st century season: Special thanks to Ms. Cynthia Waiters-Artis, Ms. Annette Straker, Ms. Rita McGuffin, Mr. Kenneth Washington, Ms. Darlene Simmons,  Ms. Mable Bazemore, Ms. Evelyn Rosado, Ms. Itholear Abbott,  Mrs. Barbara Mason,  Ms. Theresa Lewis, Ms. Ashley Baker, Ms. Judith Battle, Ms. Angela Battle, Ms. Evonne Bazemore, Mr. William Jones, Ms. Michelle Rosa, Mrs. Lola Moore, Ms. Angie Scraders-Murphy, Mr. Calvin Jackson, Mrs. Angela Harrison, Mrs. Robin Baker, Ms. Sylvia Sumpter, and Ms. Gertrude Scott.

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