In April 2017, I made my voice heard of an incident I personally had with the Teaneck Police Department.

My concern was about the tragedies that had been occurring throughout the U.S. and are still occurring!

I was not only protesting for myself but for my 3 grandsons and the myriad of boys and men of color here in the U.S.

we have to confront these systemic issues because they will not magically disappear.

As we continue to journey through these crisis times. We here at Grace and Truth Leadership want to continue to be here for you and your families.

It is our hope that our communications and messages are providing for you some inspiration, information, and importation.

These are really unprecedented times and yes, many challenges have not been handled that bring about any sustained changes in our country.

And this disruption has hit so many facets of our daily lives.

In March 2020, young black woman Breonna Taylor, 26, was killed during a police raid of her Kentucky apartment.

Now, the Louisville Metro Police Department will change its policy to require body cameras and change search warrant sign-offs.

Breonna Taylor EMT worker and boyfriend was shot at least eight times when three officers forcibly entered her apartment to serve a search warrant in a narcotics investigation.

The department said the men announced themselves and returned gunfire when Taylor’s boyfriend fired at them.

But in a wrongful death lawsuit, Taylor’s mother says the officers didn’t knock at all and should have called off their search because the suspect they sought had already been arrested.

Officers didn’t find drugs in her apartment when they entered, Taylor’s mother said in the lawsuit.

On February 23, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. A father Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael, two white men were arrested

Thursday, May 7th in the evening. They face charges of murder and aggravated assault in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery a young black man 26 years old.

Well, the tragic killings continue, when we don’t stand for something, “Injustice to one is an injustice to all”

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

Our justice system is broken and has been for centuries, this message is a call to action.

Most recently, four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn’t breathe, officials said Tuesday.

Presently, the FBI is investigating the incident, which drew the widespread condemnation of the officers after a video showing part of the encounter circulated on social media.

The most recent death of George Floyd, 46, drew hundreds of people to the streets of Minneapolis on Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.

Protesters many wearing face masks held “I can’t breathe” signs and throughout the U.S are protesting with even becoming violent with looting.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said Saturday that he would fully mobilize the Minnesota National Guard for the first time since World War II, to bring an end to the “Wonton Destruction” protests that he blamed on protesters from outside the state.

The state had pulled together 700 troops on Friday, May 29th for the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody.

But it was not enough, Walz said. By noon on Saturday, Walz said that 2,500 guardsmen would be activated, noting that it was “nothing short of a blessing” that no one had yet been killed in the violence.

We here at Grace and Truth Leadership are prayerful and actively engaged in the events of this season.

We are being a voice for these issues and a place of communication for those who have a need.

Our ultimate purpose is to care for people and be there for them in a time of crisis and need.

As we continue to share the issue of race is conceivably one of the most relevant and complicated concerns in our country and nation in our contemporary leadership and kingdom culture.

We still believe God has the potential to provide some of the solution steps needed toward uniting people when hurt and misunderstandings are rampant.

We can turn to God in corporate prayer and join our community of brothers and sisters in their pain (II Chronicles 7:14 NKJV).

We can challenge the racial tensions that still exist, and offer our pain and mourning to God about the continued pain of injustice, divisions, and racism.

Corporately we can seek God for healing and reconciliation in humankind.

Yes, it’s been that time for a long time now, but now is that time for real we will continue to sound the alarm on our platform as a trumpet in Zion ( Joel 2:1).

We will use our platform to be a voice of awareness, accountability, action, and activism needed in this season of injustice and racial disparity.

We must stand up for racial unity now; we must live and love as Jesus demonstrated in scripture.

He is our example of social justice (Matthew 25:40 NKJV). We love you all great people and let’s persevere, during this crisis time.

Quote- “In a world where diversity and inclusion are a hotbed of futility. I have made up my mind that I just don’t want to be right. I want to get it right.” #TimetogetitRight #LeadershipMatters #LeadLoudly- James Baker, Jr.

Resources that you may find of value:

  • Remember to practice social distancing and encourage your family and friends to do likewise. We are still in a crisis!
  • Work remotely as much as you can, for safety and emotional health.
  • Talk to your children and teens about COVID-19 candidly, and the racial crisis of our time so they understand this time of urgency.
  • Covid-19 Emotional support hotline (844) 863-9314
  • National Domestic Violence hotline (800) 799-7234
  • Suicide prevention (800) 273-8255
  • Addiction Center for support and help (888) 839-8056
  • You can call Grace and Truth Leadership for Prayer @ (919) 928-0404
  • Remember to wear a mask and gloves and encourage family and friends to do likewise. Although we see and hear of reopening’s of business around the country proceed with caution.
  • Let’s hold each other accountable to be the change we want to see in these racial issues.
  • Lets’s hold the politicians and the police chief’s across our nation accountable for police brutality.
  • We recommend the purchasing of my book “The journey of self-care from the inside out” Go to our website click here,  scroll down the home page to purchase.

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