We at Grace and Truth Leadership feel a sense of urgency concerning our senior citizens and health care workers in nursing homes around our country.

COVID-19, has left a devastating impact on our seniors and we are praying and engaged in helping in any way we can.

Loving on and empowering those waiting for help and support is experienced as a feeling of hopelessness and one of our primary objectives.

We have a special place for senior citizens everywhere.

The facts right now are more than 16,000 nursing home residents and staff have died from COVID-19, representing roughly a quarter of the nation’s known coronavirus deaths.

In fact, this figure is not fully accurate, experts warn because not all states are publicly reporting data yet.

In some states, the painful truth is more than half of coronavirus deaths have come in nursing homes.

Although each state is required to report confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

And individual facilities are required to report that information to residents and their families.

But understand they are not required to share it publicly. More than a dozen states aren’t publicly sharing new cases or deaths.

This is another tragedy we must face wholeheartedly. If any of your senior family or friends are in nursing homes, please let us know if you need our support in advocating for them.

In addition, nursing home residents experience the challenge of having no place to call home, as there are no private rooms available in most nursing homes.

Having this sensitivity and understanding, social contacts are perceived differently after entering a nursing home now more than ever before.

Nursing home residents still want to feel part of society outside the nursing home and they should be made to feel that way.

They also wish to remain in contact with family members and friends, consequently maintaining their social contacts with significant people.

The harsh reality of nursing home residents, that must be highlighted, is contact between many nursing home residents and their families become compromised after they move into a nursing home.

And now with COVID-19, families are facing the sobering reality of not seeing their loved ones alive again.

Nursing homes continue to be a hotbed for the coronavirus infection, with already 20,000 deaths as a result of COVID-19.

Our leaders must act immediately to stem the loss of life and improve conditions in America’s long-term care facilities.

Ways you can help by writing letters follow the format below: Tell Congress to take immediate action to protect nursing home residents, staff, and their loved ones from this disease.


Your Senators
Your local Representatives
Construct a message in this manner:

Nursing homes continue to be a hotbed for the coronavirus infection, with already 20,000 deaths as a result of COVID-19. This is unacceptable.

As a citizen and your constituent, I urge you to act immediately to stem the loss of life and improve conditions in America’s long-term care facilities.

Please implement the following three-point plan to slow the spread and save lives:

1) Care facilities must have the personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing they need to identify cases and prevent the spread of the virus, as well as adequate staffing to provide care.

2) Care facilities must be transparent and report publicly on a daily basis whether they have confirmed COVID-19 cases, and residents and families need information when loved ones are discharged or transferred out of their room or facility.

3) Virtual visitation must be made available and facilitated as a safety measure between residents and their families.

The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. I strongly urge you to act immediately to protect nursing home residents, staff, their loved ones, and the surrounding communities from this disease. I look forward to your leadership on this issue.

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