Matthew 20:34 (MSG) Deeply moved, Jesus, touched their eyes. They had their sight back that very instant and joined the procession.

The transformation needed for our lives is a long term and costly endeavor.

Our culture has become enamored with instant results and microwave solutions.

E-mail, online banking, fast food, instant mashed potatoes, liposuction, and countless options like them have eroded our capacity for patience and perseverance.

So, when it comes to spiritual growth, we tend to expect instant transformation rather than viewing our growth in Christ as a long-term and potentially costly-endeavor.

How has our culture affected you?

Perhaps it’s our desire to belong and fit into the times we live, and not appear irrelevant.

Or, maybe it’s our human tendency to believe that we must display control over our lives, or we can be perceived as weak.

Whatever it is that disables us from functioning in life in a way that propels us to be the best version of ourselves must be understood.

I believe if we put into perspective this trend, culture, the world we live in, we can then understand the challenge.

Once we have the understanding then we can eradicate, reduce, and advance towards the best version of ourselves.

The beginning of your journey has some significance but how you finish is what makes champions.

I’ve learned an important truth that’s been verified time and again by the testimony of Scripture: It’s not how you begin that’s important; it’s how you finish the journey.

Finishing strong in our journey with the Lord requires purposeful planning and a clear view of reality on your part.

Please understand it won’t happen by accident.

It’s time to organize your life in the principles of the Lord.

The concept organization is going to be imperative in this season of your life with the Lord.

If you don’t organize your life, you will more than likely miss the greater blessings God has purposed for your life.

For, you see, the difference between living a powerless and powerful life for the Lord is being intentional.

Whatever type of relationship you choose, you can be sure that there will be personal growth and development that can bring your relationship to the optimal position for you.

Always be mindful whatever you do for Christ will last. So, get your life work gloves on and prepare to get dirty.

Being a powerless and powerful child of God can resemble each other outwardly. Jesus stands before the Roman governor Pontus Pilate (John 18:28-19:1-16, NIV).

Pilate looks powerful and has the authority of the Roman Government and does not find Jesus guilty of any wrongdoing.

However, under duress from the Jewish Sanhedrin council he succumbs to the pressure and influence and renders Jesus guilty for crucifixion execution. (John 19:17-42, NIV).

However, we know the end of the story Jesus appeared powerless before Pilate and the Sanhedrin council, but destiny had to be fulfilled.

“This happened that the scriptures might be fulfilled that said, they divided my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment” (John 19:24).

Despite the appearance of being powerless Jesus, with Pontus and the Sanhedrin appearing powerful, there was a destiny transformation that took place and our world has never been or will ever be the same as a result.

Point to ponder

You must begin to add in your walk with the Lord, the strategies of the Lord. Our future and the future of our families are tied to us being Aligned to the Lord!

  • Do you live your life to fit in with the status quo?
  • Have you made the decision to finish your life strong?
  • Are you aware of the difference between being powerless and powerful in God?
  • Have you learned how to grow in the Lord?
  • What life lessons can you see from today’s message?
  • What price are you paying to grow spiritually with the Lord?

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