Psalm 105:16 (GNT) The Lord sent famine to their country and took away all their food. 17 But he sent a man ahead of them, Joseph, who had been sold as a slave.

Our adversities prepare us to be a blessing in service to others.

A true Joseph is one who is a provider both spiritually and materially for those in the Body of Christ.

It is a person who understands that he is simply a manager of all that God has entrusted to him.

It is a person who has humility and a broken and contrite heart before God. But how does God prepare 21st century Joseph’s?

21st century Joseph’s are prepared through their own versions of bruised feet, and necks put in shackles.

It is often through the adversity of failed finances, failed marriages, failed relationships, and broken dreams.

These are the things that challenge men/women the most. These are the things God uses to allow Joseph’s of our day to be proven by the Word of the Lord.

Once proven, God brings them out of their prisons and uses them mightily for His purposes.

Joseph went through his own trials, not because of any failure, but because of an incredible calling: to save and provide for an entire nation.

God had to prepare this man with 13 years of broken dreams and humble circumstances in order to break every ounce of pride and self-will within in his infrastructure.

God could not afford to have a 30-year-old man/woman steeped in arrogance and pride running an entire nation.

It is conceivable that the Lord has need of you and has allowed adversity to position you.

The moment I saw my adversity through the life of Joseph’s Calling, my perspective changed completely. I stopped seeing myself as a failure, rejected by God.

I realized that God had been positioning and dealing with me the same way he had dealt with Joseph.

I must share that this was one of the greatest revelations I’ve experienced from the Lord.

My losses, setbacks, and trials had all been allowed and even purposed by a wise and loving God.

The Lord was preparing me for a larger role in leadership than I could ever imagine.

When adversity comes, we are forced to face problems and pressures that are too big for us to resolve. In this way, God gets our attention.

We can’t continue to pursue our goals, tasks, and relationships in the same manner.

We must stop and evaluate our situation, ask God for wisdom, obey His Word, and trust Him to bring the help we need in our lives.

As we accept our unchangeable challenges and embrace God’s purposes for our difficulties, we will experience the power of Christ in our lives.

I’ve discovered personally that we can trust God to care for us and to provide all that we need for our lives.

Point to ponder

Are you willing to allow God to do whatever it takes for you to become a 21st century Joseph?

Ask the Lord today to do whatever is necessary to fully use your gifts and talents for His eternal Kingdom here on earth!

  • What has happened in your life, that God can use for His glory?
  • What hurt can you use from your life to help others?
  • Do you know what gifts and talents you possess?
  • When will you be ready to fully submit your life to the Lord?
  • Can you see that God has a plan for your life?

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