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An alarming number of Christians are not familiar with the Bible in today’s 21st century: “Our Government has taken the Bible out of our schools”.

Yet today we see the Bible being sent into our prisons.” The Word Cup devotionals have been inspired to connect you to the Bible with the exclusive intention of connecting you to God!

Just what are the consequences of biblical illiteracy? Although we here at Grace and Truth Leadership are aware that these devotionals are not full proof in connecting people to the Lord!

We are also aware that our spiritual and moral decline evident in our times clearly correlates with an alarming decline in biblical literacy and the need for God.

Can you help us spread the word of our daily messages, by partnering with us financially and through word of mouth?

With America having the highest incarceration rate in the world. Having more than 50 million lives obliterated to abortion.

Terrorism, mass shootings. Undeniable rates of opiate addiction. The challenging and radical redefinition of marriage, and lifestyles.

Unprecedented rates of births out of wedlock. There are some real concerns we face as people of God. Our World, our country, our cities, our families, our churches are hanging in the balance.

Clearly, knowledge of the Bible isn’t going to take place without reading and divine revelation. But while other books were given for our information, the Bible was given for our transformation (Romans 12: 2-3).

We here at Grace and Truth Leadership are only as relevant as you great people help us to be!

Point to ponder

We here at Grace and Truth Leadership believe in the transforming power of God’s Holy Scriptures and an authentic relationship with the Lord.

Please read these motivational devotionals in this Lent season with the intention of understanding the transforming power of God.

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Pastor James Baker, Jr. and our leadership team is especially thankful for those of you who provided financial donations and support in the month of February 2020, by partnering with us in efforts to advance the kingdom of God in this 21st century season: Special thanks to Mrs. Angela Harrison, Ms. Annette Straker, Mr. David Straker, Mr. Kenneth Washington, Ms. Darlene Simmons,  Ms. Itholear Abbott,  Mrs. Barbara Mason,  Ms. Theresa Lewis, Ms. Rita McGuffin, Ms. Ashley Baker, and Ms. Gertrude Scott.

Thank you for using the Word Cup devotionals brought to you through Grace and Truth Leadership. Why don’t you take the opportunity to write to us on our blog and let us know how we are doing in serving you.

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