Numbers 14:37 (HCSB) Those men who spread the negative report about the land were struck down by the Lord.

Sometimes we need to get honest about our deficits and shortcomings.

From many of our experiences, we know that it is easy to criticize others. And we know that it is usually far easier to find faults than to find solutions.

Still, the tendency to criticize others remains a powerful personal vice and trapping for many of us.

Sometimes we just need to get honest about our faults and deficits, so we can overcome them in a wholesome manner.

Negativity and toxicity are highly contagious: We give it to others who, in turn, give it back to us.

This endless-negative cycle can be broken only by positive thoughts, heartfelt prayers, encouraging words, meaningful acts of kindness and the grace of God.

As thoughtful servants of a loving God, we have no valid reason, and no legitimate excuse to be negative.

So, when we are ready to be overly critical of others, or unfairly critical of ourselves, we must use the transforming power of God’s love to break the chains of negativity.

We must defeat negativity before negativity defeats us. I concur with motivational and leadership guru Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Please consider in today’s reading the destiny of the negative and positive influences of the Lord’s people

Rather, they would suffer by wandering in the wilderness for forty years, one year for each of the forty days they explored the land (Numbers 14:34).

Furthermore, God would give them what they asked for.

“I will do the very things I heard you say: In this desert, your bodies will fall, every one of you twenty years old or more” (Numbers 14:28-29).

Additionally, the ten men who had given the bad report were struck down and died of a plague before the Lord (Numbers 14:37).

Only Joshua and Caleb survived the two faithful spies who believed God’s promise to give the land over to them.

God had promised them victory but the Lord caused the ten men who had a negative and toxic influence on the people of God to be removed except those who believed and had a positive influence on the people of God which were Joshua and Caleb.

Most of us understand how toxic it can be to interact with negative people with their critical and harmful views on life, that can literally influence our outlook on life.

Negative people and their pessimistic attitudes can, too often, discourage us from giving our best or taking the necessary steps to improve our future success.

Point to ponder

God will never lead us where His grace cannot provide for us or His power cannot protect us.

Indeed, the Israelites had seen the powerful hand of God at work during the plagues and miracles of the Exodus.

Yet, like many people, they walked by sight and not by faith, and those who had unbelief displeased God.

However, those who believed God for victory entered the promised land and had victory.

I believe in my heart this holds true for us today. Have an amazing day and don’t forget to believe God for your victory.

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