Psalm 42:11 (NLT) Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—my Savior and my God!

Always remember to be thankful to the Lord, by doing so you make room for the Lord to bless your life.

Consider with me today this short summary of my life, the life of one man who knows the importance of a thankful heart.

In 2012, I prayed and felt compelled to begin a Ministry. I started out with people aligning with me and saying they were with me to do some Kingdom business.

I started having services at my home in 2013. In 2016, many of the people who aligned with me in 2012 had gone.

And there was a remnant left with me as I still endeavor to do Kingdom work for God through the conduit of Ministry.

As we are now in the year-end of 2019, I am still committed to doing Kingdom Ministry for the Lord and am doing so in various ways of which I had never considered.

I am now doing Kingdom Ministry through educational facilities, in marketplace initiatives, teaching seminars, I’ve written my first book, etc.

Although I am not doing ministry in the conventional manner Church buildings, and traditional ministry settings.

I am thankful my commitment to God has not wavered, and my commitment to serving people is just as fervent or even more passionate as we near the end of the year 2019.

How about you and your life? Do you have an In-spite of situations?

Remember to always commit your life to the Lord and things will work out for your good.

In spite of my plans, and differences with some people (Even losing some relationships along the way), and things not working out according to my initial goals.

In this season of thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for what the Lord is doing in my life in my Kingdom servanthood efforts.

Whoever you are today reading this message don’t allow your thought of failings, your sorrows, your depression, your disappointments, cause you to be discouraged.

When you commit your life to God, he gives you Power to triumph over it all (Psalm 41:11).

Many times, it’s not about what we believe; it’s about what we practice. When it comes to leadership, what you put into practice is a declaration of what you believe.

For example, I may not believe that people can stop my desire to serve the Lord, but if I stop serving the Lord because things that have happened as a result of people, that trumps my belief.

So, my practice is to continue serving the Lord and the people who cross my path and I believe God gets glorified and things work out for my good.

Celebrate and enjoy the journey the Lord has you on.

Never taking time to celebrate will eventually discourage good leadership. High achieving leaders can often fall into this trap.

I get there at times myself and have to be reminded, either through the Lord’s personal discipline or when others speak into my life.

I’m always looking for the next big opportunity ahead and striving for constant improvement.

Also, I can fail to recognize current success while continually searching for future potential.

I’m learning to celebrate the little and big successes along the journey of my servant leadership.

 Point to ponder

Choose to express gratitude to God and lead a nation to do the same. Notice I said “A Nation”, because when you commit to God, It’s always greater than you! I am a living witness to this end.

What’s your “In-spite of in this season of your life?” It doesn’t matter what it is: hurt, pain, sorrow, depression, loss, disappointments, or anything else.

You can choose to have a thankful spirit. Love you all in this Thanksgiving season, and remember these next days in the close of this year are really important to your life in God!

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Pastor James Baker Jr.


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