II Corinthians 13:5 (KJ21) Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith. Test your own selves. Know ye, not yourselves how Jesus Christ is in you unless ye be reprobates?

What kind of leaders do we need today?  

Steve Jobs is noted as a mysterious, charismatic, intriguing, and was often cited as one of the recent greats, and there are clear benefits to his style.

A recent study from Anderson UCLA blog 2011, showed that leaders like him, those perceived as having an almost magical aura are visionary, with employees and customers clamoring to touch the hem of their garments.

However, the transparency leadership style like many has its challenges.

It is my opinion that transparent leaders operate to the strong aspect of truth consistently with every word and deed, conveying they have no hidden agenda.

They are also selfless, putting the others first. Their mantra of transparency permeates their lives in every situation and venue.

Transparent leaders are truthful, first and foremost with themselves.

What is your view of transparency in your life today? 

My upbringing was such that the notion of “transparency” wasn’t a strong practice in our family lifestyle.

My parents never came out and said it, but what was expressed was that we talked about certain things openly and certain things were discussed privately between my parents alone in my household.

How did you grow up? Was transparency practiced in your home? Or in your life? Is transparency apart of your life today?

Transparency has some inherent challenges that must be overcome. 

It can be difficult to be real, sincere and honest, but if we want to continue evolving and being open to the amazing things God has for us, we need transparency.

As for me, I’ve learned to engage in transparency with all my heart to force myself to be accountable and let others know exactly where I am, what I’m going through personally good or bad.

I still at times struggle in the practice of transparency in my life.

When we make transparency a lifestyle practice, great outcomes emerge.

When I am not engaged in practices of transparency in my life, I must be careful about the direction of my life.

Not having transparency in my life opens my life up to a dangerous journey of isolation and sabotage.

I have learned to be honest and practice integrity as best possible. I want to be someone that others can trust and turn to and know there will be no judgment.

And I want others to come to me in the same way.

Point to ponder 

Whether it’s in person (through speeches, meetings, social gatherings, family relationships, etc.) or leveraging social media, it’s more essential now more than ever for leaders, and people to embrace transparency as a lifestyle.

The best gift we can give to our family, friends, businesses, ministries, is ourselves and transparency supports making yourself known to those in your life.

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