Today’s Prayer is a Repost of Prayer from Debbie Kay, and today is the perfect day for special prayer family! Pastor James Baker

Dear Lord,
Sometimes, we are called on to do hard things in life… things like use tough love or set boundaries. Sometimes, we have to watch people self-destruct and all we can do is stand on the sidelines and pray. There are times when we have to speak the truth in love, knowing that it may cost us a relationship if the person doesn’t take it well… but we know to remain silent, will have an even greater cost spiritually if we don’t speak up and try to help.

Lord, there are times when we have to make decisions and we know we won’t win with any choice we make… but we have to pick the one that is the best out of all the options we are faced with. Sometimes, we have to make choices to protect our children from harmful situations that perhaps outsiders or family won’t understand…

There are many challenges we face, Lord…many choices…things that need wisdom and discernment. We ask that you would help us and grant us your wisdom, discernment and knowledge, Lord. Help us to make the right decisions when they come up. Lead us and guide us in your truth. Help us to hear your voice, that we might stay in the center of your will.

Help us to care more about what you think, than what others think about us. Help us to weigh everything in light of what you would do and in light of what would be most pleasing to you. Help us to shrug off harsh judgments and hurtful words that pierce our hearts like arrows. Be our shield and our fortress, Lord in such difficult times. May your promises be a soothing balm to our wounds.

We ask for comfort when we have to make those choices that leave us raw and hurting. We know you walk beside us and you are proud of us when we do the right things…especially when they are difficult. Give us courage, Lord. Help us to have Holy Boldness.

Help us to be wise and kind with our words. Help us to not react in anger or out of pride. Help us to be meek and may only edifying words that glorify you, come from our mouths. May we constantly be dying to our old self, so that you will be glorified in us.

Lord, we know nothing is impossible with you and we can do all things through you. For all of our difficult situations, we ask that you would bind the enemy and we thank you for working for good, all that was meant for harm against us. We love you, Lord. We know everything we have, is because of you and we are grateful beyond words for your gifts. We lift our lives and our praise to you today. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Blessings be upon you!

Much love in Him,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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Kingdom Blessings,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.


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