Proverbs 20: 24 (NKJV) A man’s steps are of the LORD; How then can a man understand his own way?

Always remember with God our steps in life are purposed and ordered.

We anticipate certain events in our lives to be worse than what actually occurs many times because we often don’t know what’s going to happen.

In the same way, we dread performance reviews, report cards, medical test results; we delay difficult conversations with loved ones; we set ourselves up to be defensive within our relationships with family and friends.

And we can go on with this problematic pattern of doing life. We get anxious about situations and conversations, just knowing they are going to be awful.

Especially if we are the one who has messed up. This is worth a few minutes today exploring some of our self-defeating tendencies.

This kind of thought process is self-defeating. We assume that we already know the outcome, as though we can read minds and predict the future.

We can prepare for certain conditions and rightfully so we should. However, if you believe God knows our steps, then we also need to trust the Lord with our path (Psalm 37:23-24).

So much can be defused by sincerely saying, “I messed up, and I’m sorry. Is there something I can do to help at this point?”.

Learn the gift of building your internal resources to the fullest extent.

When you make yourself aware that certain difficulties are inevitable, you can prepare yourself mentally for confronting life’s challenges head-on.

It would be no different than a warrior going to battle. He (or she) prepares themselves physically and mentally for any possibility.

They understand it could be ugly, daunting, and grueling, but they are equipped. More often than not, when you’re prepared for the worst, the worst never happens, or it’s much less severe than anticipated.

Another invaluable inner resource is faith. Faith that everything will work out; faith that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and faith that “this too shall pass.” Everything in life has its place and purpose (Ecclesiastes 3:3-4).

Resilience like any muscle is built up gradually and exponentially with repeated exposure to obstacles.

If you lack practice in confronting obstacles as when you choose to avoid them, one traumatic event can take you down.

Before building a crisis in your head, stop the rush of thoughts, and pray. Pray for peace, pray for wisdom, and pray for words.

Ask God to calm your anxiety and guide you. And even if you don’t completely understand what’s going on, there is a point when you simply have to take courage and walk through it with God.

It’s the only way to get to the next destination. I know this message is for someone today, so I implore you; “Time to Go for it”!

Point to ponder

There are many inspiring stories of people who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds. They triumphed over their life’s challenges to live successful, productive lives instead of surrendering to it.

We are faced with life’s challenges but having the Lord in our life makes the difference. I am still facing some critical life challenges and I believe God has my steps ordered.

Prayer– Father, when I am approaching life’s difficult terrain, I spend a lot of time in worry and anticipation. Then I build up my defenses when I don’t even need them. When I encounter adversity, let me draw upon Your wisdom so I will know how to face the situation. And grant me the assurance that, no matter what the outcome, You Lord are right there with me, In Christ name Amen.

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