Today’s message is written by my Beloved friend  Mrs. Lola Moore of Teaneck, New Jersey.

In Tribute and memory of her Darling daughter. Phylicia Moore was taken from her while on a school trip to Ghana W. Africa.

Phylicia was born on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1989. She had a quiet gentle spirit, was intelligent and had a beautiful smile. She was an honor student and looked forward to college and dreamed of becoming a Journalist.

She died on April 15, 2007, on a High School sponsored mission trip, to Ghana, W. Africa. She lost her life the first night the group arrived in the country.  Phylicia was found at the bottom of the hotel swimming pool, fully clothed.

The travel group offered disinformation and speculative tales of last seeing our daughter leaving the pool to go to her room that fateful night. The school Administrators, students, and their parents closed ranks in silence.  There was a 3yr investigation that concluded that our daughter never left the group. No substantive conclusions or answers at all!

Knowing exactly what happened will not heal the pain and longing in our hearts. As we turn to God, pray and wait for answers; we take some comfort in the outpour of love and support we continue to receive from those who knew our daughter and sister, and those God has placed in our lives since losing her.

We are grateful to God for blessing us with her short life, and for the blessing of those who strengthen us – with their love, prayers, and support in celebration of our Angel’s life. To God be the Glory!

Although she is gone she will never be forgotten.! We celebrate your life Phylicia our precious Angel!

God Bless you Pastor Baker, First Lady Robin, and Grace and Truth Leadership Family.

Phylicia’s Parents and Brother,
Douglas, Lola, and Christopher Moore

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