Your partnership to this ministry means a lot to me and together, I am confident that we can make 2019 a blessing for so many others.

As you know, it’s costly to procure a staff, to manage the day to day operations. In addition to manage our social media and online initiatives. At the same time, it’s also incredibly effective for the spreading of the Kingdom message and teaching leadership treasures to vast numbers of people. We would never be able to do it without the support of people like you.

In order for us to continue these efforts and labor of Love globally together this year, I’ll need your help to reach our vision of 2019 in a more increasing way. We have some great goals, but we realize we serve a great God.

  • We have added specialized support to our team and staff.
  • We are looking to sponsor more outreach initiatives in our global community involving our schools, children, youth, community programs, and senior citizens.
  • Most of our efforts will be targeted in the marginalized and disenfranchised communities of which takes our time, talent, and treasures.

To inspire many in helping us reach these goals, We’re hopeful this challenge will encourage you to give both generously and cheerfully throughout the calendar year of 2019. In so doing, you not only will keep our leadership efforts available to share the Kingdom of God’s leadership to a world in need, but you also will help to open new initiatives where we can expand our reach.

We appreciate your support. May the Lord richly bless you for your generous heart and giving in this year 2019.

In His Service,
James Baker Jr.


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