John 11:(NKJV) 35 Jesus wept. 36 Then the Jews said, “See how He loved him!” 

Learn the heart needed when family and friends are in a time of grieving in their lives. 

When someone you know is grieving, you want to express your love and concern. But, how do you know what to say? Sometimes there just aren’t words.

But it’s important that you spend time with your friend or family member. What’s as important as anything is simply showing up and understand it’s an expression of your love and concern.

In this context, the “ministry of presence” means moving in close to listen, lay down our opinions and agendas, and offering up empathy instead.

In our broken world, we the family of God are called to “koinonia”, meaning to share with the community that bears burdens in a literal togetherness.

I have experienced the gift of the ministry of presence receiving and giving it several times in my life.

In fact, the impact of the ministry of presence has caused me to write about it several times, and it has been integral to my internal healing.

Read today’s passage and see how Jesus shows up and sincerely weeps and expresses His love.

Many times, words are not needed to those in a time grieving.

What do you say to someone who is suffering? Some people are gifted with words of wisdom. For such, one is profoundly grateful.

But not all are gifted in that way. Many share words that have a very small impact, and I need to remind you today it’s not necessary.  Your words don’t have to be spiritual and profound.

The heart that speaks is heard more than the words we could ever speak. And if you can’t think of anything to say, be empowered today from today’s message.

 This simple act can be healing for your family or friend because it is more than a “like” on Facebook or an act of service, more than a check or card in the mail.

Let those in the time of grieving know you are with them, simple and sincere can be even more effective.

Hear my heart today, not even the best of words can take away the hurt people experience even with our best intentions (Proverbs 15:23).

We can help our families and friends with this insight, especially in this holiday season.

Sharing in someone’s grief is no time to worry about your own adequacies or uncertainty about what to say or show.

I empower you to trust that God will give you the words, the touch, the hug that will comfort. And you’ll be glad you shared at the moment and gave strength to a hurting soul.

As the holidays are approaching many of us will have our grief awakened and become vulnerable and tender.

We can be such a blessing for others and ourselves if we are given the tools to manage these times in a spiritual and thoughtful manner.

Point to ponder

 The challenge to myself and to you is to ask: How can I be present for someone today? This is not only about acts of service or help.

It’s taking the time to listen, to empathize, to grieve alongside others. Today’s message is to bring a level of consciousness to the importance of how we show up in the lives of our family and friendships.

Have a fantastic day and I am sending love your way in this holiday season.

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