II Chronicles 15:7 (KJV) But as for you, be strong; don’t be discouraged, for your work has a reward.

Learning how to handle discouragement in your life’s journey is critical. 

We as children of God have many reasons to be thankful to the Lord. Yet at the same time, even the most spiritual men and women really experience being discouraged in their lives.

After all, we live in a world where unrealized hopes can be a catalyst and demands can be even higher.

When we fail to meet the expectations of others or, for that matter, the expectations that we have set for ourselves.

But God has other plans for you and me. The Lord knows exactly what He has purposed for our destiny.

Sometimes taking a break to nourish yourself is a worthwhile activity, because doing so allows you to reset and do other worthwhile things.

But just sitting around in self-pity isn’t helpful.  To be discouraged is to have lost a sense of your courage. Yet our hearts are who we are.

We are discouraged when we lose connection with our passions. It happens over time when we lack the proper perspective on our setbacks and failures.

They are not denials, they are temporary and a part of our process. We must be willing to give our perspectives and heart to the Lord.

Our surrender must be to the process, not to the results.

Our sense of encouragement is realized in our actions of taking courage.

To be encouraged, we must act “in” courage. Emotions aside, we must take action despite and sometimes in the very face of our fears and reservations.

Regardless of the source of our discouragement, we must choose to act with courage, to act with the belief that we will succeed and none of our efforts are a waste of our efforts. That source is God.

When we seek to form a more intimate and dynamic relationship with our Creator, He renews our spirits and restores our souls.

The Lord offers us the strength to meet our challenges, and He offers us hope for the future.

So, if you have become discouraged with the direction of your day or your life, turn your thoughts and prayers to God.

Point to ponder

If you’re experiencing discouragement, take a moment to reset your mindset and focus, instead, upon the amazing opportunities that surround you.

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