I Samuel 9:21 (NKJV) And Saul answered and said, “Am I not a Benjamite, of the smallest of the tribes of Israel, and my family the least of all the families of the f]”>[f]tribe of Benjamin? Why then do you speak like this to me?”

Your potential for leadership must be surrendered to the Lord. 

King Saul was the first king of the Israelite’s. He was a man with great potential for leadership.

However, he failed miserably. King Saul allowed his proclivity towards fear, disobedience, and self-sufficiency to come between him and God’s plan for his life.

I believe whoever you are reading this message today, you can relate to Saul’s struggles and let’s see how we can make them some lessons learned for your life.

In the early stages of Saul’s selection as King, we read in today’s passage he has a humble servant’s heart. Saul’s disposition was a shy and reluctant leader.

He was found hiding among the donkeys when Samuel called the people together to publicly anoint him as king.

Saul’s humble, servant leadership style worked well in the early days of his reign, but he came to a point that many of us come to: he had to decide to either surrender or rebel against God’s authority in his life.

Unfortunately, King Saul made bad decisions that would undermine his potential.

When your leadership potential is surrendered to the Lord, amazing things can happen.

Leadership is an often-used and sometimes nebulous term, particularly in the field of spiritual matters and in our family structure.

Although leadership is not traditionally taught in many churches on Sunday morning, and in the homes of families, anyone going to church or having a family must possess many qualities that are needed to excel at leadership.

A simple definition of leadership is the ability and willingness to take ownership of the organization as a stakeholder.

During his reign, Saul had great success when he obeyed and surrendered to God.

His greatest failures resulted when he acted on his own. Even his weaknesses, though, could have been used by God if Saul would’ve confessed them and left them in God’s hands.

Just like Saul, we are all faced with the choice of surrendering our life and will to God or continuing to resist God’s plan for our life.

Saul essentially became a people-pleaser. He surrendered to outside pressure rather than surrendering to God and it cost him his kingdom.

If our potential is not refined by the Lord, we will never reach the fulfillment of our lives in God.

There is much to learn from the life of Saul. We see the sovereignty of God in Israel, no matter whom the people chose to reign over them.

We may allow other things or people to occupy the throne of our hearts, but God will always remain sovereign.

And will never accept our unwillingness to surrender to His authority in the lives of His purposes and plans for our lives.

Saul succeeded in freeing Israel of its enemies and extending its boundaries. He fought successfully against the Philistines, Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites, Arameans, and Amalekites.

He also succeeded in drawing the tribes of Israel into a closer unity.

Saul’s initial conflict with Samuel occurred after Saul offered a sacrifice to God, thereby assuming Samuel’s office.

Samuel rebuked Saul and proclaimed that Saul’s dynasty would not be continued on the throne of Israel.

Their second disagreement took place after Saul retained the war booty of the defeated Amalekites, Israel’s traditional enemy, and spared the life of their king, Agag.

Samuel publicly pronounced Saul’s deposition from the throne. Saul fell into a state of melancholia that developed into an emotional disorder.

Saul’s fits of depression and his moody, suspicious temperament caused him to attack the young David, who had been brought into his household to soothe him by playing music.

Jealous of David, Saul persecuted him, attacked him, sent him on perilous expeditions, and finally made him into an outlaw.

Potential without the power of God in our lives will lead us to ruin.

Point to ponder

Today, you are faced with the same choice. Will, you surrender to God or go your own way? Just like Saul, your answer to that question will set the course of your life. Have an amazing day!

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