Exodus 31:15a (NKJV) Work shall be done for six days, but the seventh is the Sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD.

Self-care starts with you caring for yourself.

Did you know that you are a candidate for burn out, or maybe in danger of burn out?

Has your life gotten so busy that it takes every ounce of energy on a daily basis simply to keep from falling behind? And you are really not doing a very good job of that?

If so, I understand it’s not a good feeling. According to recent polls, the American workforce is burdened by a great deal of stress.

77 percent reported feeling occasional burnout, which, by the way, doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, or other common categories.

Are you feeling burnt out? It is easy to slip into a state where the work manages you instead of you managing the work.

It happens to me frequently and each time it does I have to step out of the workflow, re-set my mind, my papers and my thoughts, and then start again.

I like the challenge of taking back control and even during my lowest points, I still feel actively engaged.

How to manage the work life, and not let the work-life manage you.

The first thing I would recommend this week if you are feeling burnt out is that you honor that commandment about the Sabbath.

Take a day where you spend time worshipping God. And the rest of the day, away from anything close to your daily grind.

Take a walk, Go to a scenic park or just stay quiet at home. Stop receiving input and give your mind a rest. Feelings of burning out don’t mean you are weak, it probably means you are intense and passionate.

The best workers and leaders are those that work with intensity. That intensity is what serves and what hinders us professionally.

It requires a commitment to use intensity to your advantage and not your disadvantage. It’s always the small and subtle changes that have the greatest impact on our lives.

Point to ponder

Sometimes we just need to be recharged from the giving out of ourselves, and need to just receive in the stillness of God alone!

If we are not careful we can allow those in our lives intimately to take the life out of us: Work, family, ministry, relationships etc. Self-care starts with you!

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