Mark 1:22-23 (GNT) The people were amazed at his teaching because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law”.

We impact our environment by modeling the change we want to see.

“It is not enough to simply teach; you must also impact people,” said my mentor one day. One of the spiritual gifts God has given to me is the gift of teaching (Rom. 12:7).

However, the Lord does not desire that teachers only share knowledge with others. Knowledge alone will not empower others to be mature disciples of Christ.

Impact people must walk the talk and lead by example. Those you influence look to you to take the lead and display and communicate change by actions.

You can’t expect people to change their habits if you aren’t willing to do so yourself.

The people recognized there was something different about Jesus. Our Lord was a teacher of the law as a Rabbi.

Whenever He taught there was an authority that went beyond the conveying of information. He was impacting others with truth through the authority of His life.

His words impacted others profoundly.

We must establish a belief in the people we are Impacting.

A Bible teacher who wants to have the greatest impact on those they teach should teach transferable life application from the scriptures that they have lived out personally.

This is what gives you your authority to teach. I rarely teach a concept that I have not personally lived out and have an accompanying testimony.

Paul believed and lived this principle as well: “When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God” (I  Corinthians  2:1).

People want to know they can believe in you. The impact must be demonstrated with clear boundaries for who we are what is expected of us and those we impact.

We must also be careful to not give overconfidence in ourselves to others because we can set ourselves and others up for failure.

Even if you model desired behaviors, establish a clear purpose, and hold people accountable, you can have even more influence on culture and performance if you make it personal. Making changes and establishing the desired impact will challenge people, and they will be resistant unless you connect with them emotionally and rationally. Our family, co-workers, friends, foes, and children, are all waiting to be impacted by you.

Point to ponder

Some of us have a particular anointing that God uses in the lives of others. Ask God to reveal your anointing so you can impact others.

When you study under a teacher make sure your teacher not only teaches but also impacts lives through the life-giving power of the anointing in their life!

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