John 1:9 (KJV) If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

The Lord should always be the primary source of our confession.

God is always our first and primary audience for our confession. But the Lord isn’t our only audience. Scripture tells us also to confess our sins to fellow believers.

This is an extremely important and beneficial aspect of spiritual growth and health, if conducted wisely. Do you have a Confidant? If so great, and if not, you need one!

The blessings of having a confidant in our lives is extraordinary.

First, let me say that this type of confession isn’t an all-encompassing command. That is, it isn’t “spilling your guts” to anyone and everyone nosy enough to listen.

Never confess to anyone who isn’t spiritually mature. Please exercise great caution and discernment in whom you choose to share your heart and life with.

Second, confession to fellow believers is an act of trust, and this makes you highly vulnerable. The person to whom you confess must be able to keep your confession confidential.

If you can’t trust your confidant, he/she shouldn’t be your confidant.

To be of value, confession must be honest and complete, you must feel safe in your selection of confidant.

The impact of having a confidant is powerful for our lives over the long-term.

The confidant who knows our history and who has watched us evolve, offers the invaluable gifts of continuity and witnessing.

It’s powerful to have someone that knows where we’ve come from and who appreciates how far we’ve journeyed. It’s healing to be understood and to be seen.

There is also a special sense of accountability when we report back to a long-term confidant.

If our confidant is non-judgmental and compassionate, we feel free to discuss our mistakes as well as our triumphs. Our ability to transcend shame is boosted when we are held with such love and acceptance.

A confidant who really knows our core essence can help us move past our negative patterns or beliefs for they recognize our true nobility.

They can reflect to us our beauty and help us examine our proclivities with courage.

The confidant provides a safe space for learning and expanding ourselves. 

A confidant is not only a witness, but they can also be a safe place. This is similar to the “buddy system” that we may have experienced at work or in school for being acclimated.

They can help us acquire perspective at times when we lose ourselves in our circumstances or thoughts.

They can support us when we feel lost. They can benefit us with their wisdom or skills.

They can hold us when we cannot stand up. Intuitive confidants and/or professional confidants may have specialized skills that are incredibly helpful.

Point to ponder

So, remain true to the Lord’s Word of instruction to confess our sins to one another, but be wise and be cautious. Always remember the Lord has great plans and marvelous things in store for you.

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