Jeremiah 15:19 (MSG) This is how the Lord responds: “If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me. If you speak good words rather than worthless ones, you will be my spokesman. You must influence them; do not let them influence you!

How has your childhood affected you today?

No one’s childhood is perfect. What we experienced during those years has a profound impact, even into adulthood. Things we saw, heard, felt, and even things we did not feel can affect us later in life. Are you conflicted about your childhood? Do you have a handle on your childhood?

Often our formative years can affect us today and tomorrow.

As one might expect, external influences do help to shape our personality. However, the result is not always predictable. For example, early years full of painful experiences leave deep wounds in some, but in others, they contribute to the development of depth and perseverance. How do you understand your childhood years?

We must get to the place where we embrace that everything that happened in our lives has worked out for our good.

Whether your younger years were joyful or painful, it can be valuable to consider what their impact was, back then as well as in the present. You might start by exploring your responses to key childhood events. Next, identify traits that you appreciated in your parents and others, qualities you’d like to nurture in your own life. And lastly identify the traits that you don’t appreciate in your parents and others, qualities which have taught you what not to do in life are extremely valuable!


Point to ponder– Finally, think about people or parents with characteristics that have impacted you negatively. Ask God for healing and freedom from the patterns you may have developed in response. Then shift your focus to godly attributes you want to exhibit instead, such as peace, grace, and gentleness. The Lord wants to free you from any negative trends that took root early in life. The Lord can break any unhealthy pattern and replace it with hope and deep satisfaction in your relationship with Him that’s why I am writing you today!

As you explore the effects of childhood experiences, pray to see through a lens of truth. When you recognize ways that others negatively influenced you, pray for strength to forgive and God’s help in mending areas of brokenness, whether spiritual, emotional, relational, or mental, existing in your life today. Have a great day great people of God!

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