Nahum 1:12- Though I have afflicted thee, I will afflict thee no more.

There is a limit to affliction. God sends it, and removes it. Do you worry and wonder, “When will the end be?” Let us quietly wait and patiently endure the will of the Lord until  He cometh. Our Father takes away the affliction in our lives when His design in using it is fully served. Are you in time of affliction in some area of your life; your marriage, your children, your finances, your career? The Old Testament Book of Nahum  shares a interesting aspect of the Lord worth our consideration people of God:

If the affliction is sent for testing us, that our graces may glorify God, it will end when the Lord has made us bear witness to His praise. I feel like I am starting to get happy great family of God! We would not wish the affliction to depart until God has gotten out of us all the honor which we can possibly yield to the Lord. Whatever you are going through, please know the Lord will get some glory of this season in your life!

Point to ponder – It is not hard for the Lord to turn night into day. The God who sends the clouds can as easily clear the skies. Let us be of good cheer; It is better to fight on in this time of affliction in your life. Let us sing Hallelujah by anticipation, of the Lord bringing some measure of glory out of this season in our lives!

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Kingdom Blessings,

Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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