Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV) To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven

I have some friends who love excitement. Ecitement is a drug they need to survive. Racing their cars, engaging in adrenaline filled activities. I often wonder why they feel the need to risk their lives in the ways they do. Maybe they do these things as remedy against depression and anxiety or maybe it’s a way of proving that the inevitable isn’t going to overtake them. Do you like adrenaline highs?

We can take dangerous risks to prove that we’re not dead yet, but there’s no avoiding the fact that you are getting older and with that comes limitations. Aging does that to all of us sooner or later. You can see that as a death sentence, but a better way to look at it is as the beginning of a new phase or season of life. Life is a process of changing seasons always if you live long enough!

Point to ponder- Every end is a new beginning, and that’s true for the seasons of our life. Just as at this time of year the Fall gives way to Winter, and Winter to Spring, there’s something to look forward to with each season of your life. Our life in God gives us something to look forward to; no matter how old we get! Time to look forward and embrace the changes life brings our way!

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