Genesis 7:1 (MSG) Next God said to Noah, “Now board the ship, you and all your family—out of everyone in this generation, you’re the righteous one.

Let’s be honest: most of our family trees aren’t very pretty. In fact, for most of us, those branches are filled with adultery, pornography, divorce, substance abuse, addiction, physical violence, and more. And even if your family hasn’t been affected by one of these, your family history hasn’t failed to affect you in one way or another.

At some point, then, every man/woman must decide: will I purify my branch of the family tree, or will I allow this poison to seep through to another generation? We can help the next generation people of God! Are you ready?

Purifying your part of the family tree begins with driving a stake into the ground with the decision that you and your family will follow the Lord. The Lord makes us Rigtheous, I understand Rigtheous to mean: when a man/woman are wrong in something we admit it and we make it right. Rigtheous people are not perfect they work at doing the thing that pleases the Lord.

When you do this, you transition your family from a pattern of sickness to the possibility of living for God. For generations to come, people will look at your family tree and see that under your leadership, life was influenced for good rather than for evil.

Going against the practices and trends of past generations isn’t easy to do. But it’s worth the effort to blaze a new trail that’s honorable; a trail and legacy that’s worth following; and a trail that will show God’s grace and goodness to future generations.

Kingdom Blessings,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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