Psalm 20:7 (NLT) Some boast in chariots, and some in horses; But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.

Recently my friend had a blood test that came back questionable. I asked her about the doctor and the following steps that would be taken. She answered in a way that ended in explaining to me the credibility of the doctor.

Intelligence, money and strength are three attributes that we love to measure in ourselves and others. Our intelligence can be measured by how hard one studied and the grades one received. We form an instant opinion when we hear certain colleges were attended with the credentials that were earned. Money tends to reflect our success. If someone is wealthy and manages their money well, we give credence as well as our respect. And strength is the last characteristic that helps us to form an opinion about someone. Are they athletic? Do they have high energy to get important things done? Do they have a disciplined body to maintain stressful positions and self-control? These three things we assume we can boast about. These three things others boast about for someone else.

God does not value our intelligence, wealth or strength as much as we do. God values a person who trusts and boasts in Him more than anything. All three of those characteristics are God given. In light of eternity, they mean nothing and each one could be taken away in an instant through illness alone. It is great that we have good doctors to attend to us, but God is the Author and Sustainer of life. I would rather boast in the name of the Lord, my God than to put my trust in any person, despite their credentials. Turn to the Lord and seek His face. Know that you serve a God who gives gifts to men and the greatest gift given was Jesus. Do we really trust in Jesus each day? And do we boast in His name?

Point to ponder- I do value having doctors and people with credentials, however my greatest value is in the Lord always! How about you? where do you place your emphasis when critical times come your way? In this passion week, how about making the Lord choice to boast in? And for others how about growing in the Lord in a more increasing way!!

Prayer: Lord, let us not boast in our wisdom, or in our strength, or in our riches. We want to boast in knowing You, believing in You and understanding Your ways (Jeremiah 9:23-24), today and forevermore! In Jesus name Amen.

For His Glory,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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