Hebrews 7: 11 (NKJV) Therefore, if perfection were through the Levitical priesthood (for under it the people received the law), what further need was there that another priest should rise according to the order of Melchizedek, and not be called according to the order of Aaron?

Are you a person who’s never quite satisfied because you can’t attain perfection? I have good news for you! Perfection is unattainable, so you can rest from your futile efforts. Yes, excellence is a worthy goal, but perfection is nothing but pure frustration! You are not perfect, and neither is your spouse, your children, your boss, or your coworkers. In fact, you were not created to be perfect.

However, if you are a perfectionist, you will be quicker to judge rather than show mercy. Most perfectionists end up correcting other people rather than connecting with other people. What kind of person are you? Or does it even matter? It’s a great time to learn who you are, and how you relate to others in your life.

If you struggle with this matter of perfection, remember relationships are always more important than regulation, so be careful not to push yourself and the people in your life toward perfection. Let go of the performance mindset, tear down those walls, and step forward to discover that it’s perfectly fine to be human in every area of life. Life is a little less complicated being human in every area of your life!

Power quote- St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) “Perfection consists in one thing only: doing the will of God.”

In His Love,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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