Matthew 19:26 (NKJV) Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

All over the world today, multitudes of Christian parents agonize because their children are under the devil’s power. In churches all over our country, You will see the sorrow of mothers who visit their sons in prison. They know the pain of sitting on one side of the thick-glass window, gazing at a boy who once was tender in spirit. Somehow he got hooked on drugs and then attempted a robbery to support his habit. And now he’s in prison, becoming even more hardened. She has prayed for him for years, but now she’s losing hope. She doesn’t think he will ever change. But we can’t give up people of God!

I also see heartbroken fathers who never dreamed their daughters would turn to drugs. They see their little girl fall in with the wrong crowd at school and get hooked or pregnant without being married. Often the rebellious daughter’s had to be asked by her dad to leave the house because of her influence on her siblings. So now she’s on the streets, selling her body to support her habit. And her father lies in bed at night crying without hope of deliverance, these Dad’s are convinced they have lost their daughter’s forever.

I watched a movie of one father who drove to the slums to try to find his drug-addicted son. He had to ask around until finally a pusher told him the boy was in a crack den. When the man walked into the place, he saw a mere shell of the son he had known. His son’s body was skeletal from drug use. When the father pleaded with him to come home, the young man wouldn’t even look at him. He just said, “Get out. This is my life now.”

That broken father walked out onto the street in tears. He had lost all hope, agonizing, “That’s my son in there. He’s dying, and he won’t let me help him.” The devil has told these parents their children are hopeless, that their problems can never be fixed. He has convinced them of a powerful lie—that God is unable to help them.

Point to ponder- Maybe you think your unsaved husband is hopeless, that he’ll never come to Jesus. Or, perhaps you have given up hope for your wife, who leaves you at night to go out partying. But no person is ever too far gone for God to fix. I know many people of God that have spouses who testify today, “I prayed for my spouse for years. Then one day, after I’d given up hope, God broke through. The Lord saved and delivered my loved one.”

I am one of those Son’s (Pastor James Baker, Jr.) whose Mom prayed and now I am doing this Ministry for you all today! My Mom has transitioned from this life now and is with the Lord, we called her Ambassador Shirley Baker her birthday is today August 15th, she never gave up on me!

Today’s message is a Tribute to my beloved Mom Shirley Baker, gone but not forgotten, We must never give up on anyone. “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

All Sincerity,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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