Psalm 51:11 (NLT) Do not banish me from your presence, and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.

We know that God is omnipresent, but His manifest presence is something else altogether. It is the reason why so many worship services open with choruses imploring the Holy Spirit to come down and make His presence known. David is saying here, “Lord, I need Your presence, not just today but tomorrow. I don’t want it to diminish because I don’t want to return to my lukewarm ways. Please, God, don’t take Your Holy Spirit from me. Stay with me once I finish worshiping You.”

We all know what this is like. At church and in our fellowship with others, we may know God’s manifest presence. Inner excitement occurs, bringing a sense of fresh, new life and we weep for God to stir us that way every hour of the day. Yet the excitement wanes as days pass and we are bombarded by job demands, family obligations, and bills that consume and overwhelm us. Are you aware of what interrupts your passion for God?

We can all fall into this cycle if we are not aware of our human tendencies and without a Godly discernment. We can be moved and inspired by godly leaders who speak us happy with their powerful messages driving us to our knees.

Quote- James Baker “Our human tendencies have the ability to sabotage our spiritual strivings in the Lord”.

Sharing my Heart: I am tired of the roller coaster, of seeing people excited about God without a flame to sustain it, of being on a mountaintop one week only to descend to drudgery the next. So I asked, “God, whatever excitement You impart in me, let it grow more and more intense. Give me a loyal spirit, as David said. If you give me a passion, turn it into a sustained torch!” God has sustained that excitement these past months. The church I lead now (Grace and Truth Ministry) has a pastor who burns with prayer for his people. I may not be able to take everyone to dinner or go skating with them, but I have a loyal spirit that intercedes for them day and night to see their lives become all they can be for Jesus.

With a Sincere Heart,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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