Isaiah 66:13(NLT) I will comfort you there in Jerusalem as a mother comforts her child.”14 When you see these things, your heart will rejoice. You will flourish like the grass! Everyone will see the LORD’s hand of blessing on his servants—and his anger against his enemies.

Today’s message is poignant and because I am teacher professionally it prompts some critical reflection I’d like to share. Let me ask you a question: How long will a teacher stick by a stubborn, obstinate student who refuses to heed advice? Normally not very long! In today’s reading of scripture; The prophet Isaiah takes one of the highest images possible among men; that of a mother’s love for her child, and shows us something of the “Love” that our Father has for us.

I have a cousin whom I love so much, she takes a whole day to visit her son in an upstate prison. She gets on a bus and rides for hours, just to see him for a short while. Such a mother will look across at her son in the midst of their uniform and see the agony in his eyes, and each trip she will die a little more inside. But she never gives up on him. He is still her son and she loves him! Today’s message is for the Mother’s, families, friends, who are in a similar situation like my beloved cousin.

This is the kind of love the Holy Spirit wants you to know that God has for you! The Lord comforts us by telling us, You once said you gave your all to Jesus. You gave God your love, and God still loves you. And now, neither will the Lord let you go. I am writing today’s message to remind you and have been sent by the Lord to do a work and I will keep doing it that’s why I write these daily devotions for your empowerment! Yes the Lord gives “A Love that never gives up”.

In His Love,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.

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