I Samuel 20:42 (MSG) Jonathan said, “Go in peace! The two of us have vowed friendship in GOD’s name, saying, ‘GOD will be the bond between me and you, and between my children and your children forever!’”

Settling or adapting to less than you are capable of is often necessary in other aspects of our lives. Individuals and families have to settle for spending less and adjusting their financial budgets to fit their circumstances. Parents eventually have to settle for releasing control of their children and allowing them to make their own choices. But in the world of relationships, we often settle far too soon.

People settle in different ways, adapting to what they think is the best possible situation. Some settle by staying in a pleasantly tolerable marriage – not adversarial, but lacking genuine intimacy. Some by dating a succession of people without ever making a commitment. Some by keeping even their most important friendships at a comfortable distance. And some by redirecting their energies and focus into activities rather than relationships. Where do you see yourself?

Settling in relationships isn’t the worst way to go through life. It’s fairly painless and often predictable. There is some value in pain avoidance and predictability, but it is far from how you are designed to live. In today’s message David and Jonathan demonstrate the power of relationship and not settling no matter what happens! More than anything in the world, you are meant to connect and relate in deep, meaningful, and positive relationships – with both God and people. This is the means and the end of a good and happy life.

Point to Ponder: We all have relationship problems that need limits set to them, how do I know when to set limits with family, friends, and others? Do you know how to implement boundaries with family, friends, and others? Please read the whole story of David and Jonathan and their friendship. Do you have a best friend?

The bottom line here in today’s message there is nothing amazing going to happen in your life when you settle for the same ole same ole! Are you settling in your relationships with family, friends, etc.? “It’s time stop settling”

Advancing His Kingdom,
Pastor James Baker

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