Matthew 13:20-21 (MSG) “The seed cast in the gravel—this is the person who hears and instantly responds with enthusiasm. But there is no soil of character, and so when the emotions wear off and some difficulty arrives, there is nothing to show for it.

Today’s message involves some intense introspection on your part! Who is in charge of your emotions? Is it you, or have you formed the unfortunate habit of letting other people, or troubling situations determine the quality of your thoughts and the direction of your day? If you are wise, and if you’d like to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones, you will learn the vital lesson to control your emotions before your emotions control you.

Human emotions are highly irrational, extremely unpredictable, and most often unreliable. Our emotions are like the weather, meaning can be fickle. So we must learn to live by faith, not by the ups and downs of our own emotional roller coasters. I know this message is meeting you where you are at this moment in your journey, and it’s all good family of God!

Remember: Your life shouldn’t be governed by your emotions, your life should be governed by God. So if you think you have lost control over your emotions, don’t make big decisions, don’t strike out against anybody, and don’t speak out in anger. Be still and know God will provide guidance when you involve Him in your circumstance. Sometimes as people of God we can operate completely off of our emotions, and we must remember the need for balance, the need for introspection and emotion will bring wholeness in our journey with the Lord!

Quote: C.S. Lewis “Don’t bother much about your feelings. When they are humble, loving, brave, give thanks for them; when they are conceited, selfish, cowardly, ask to have them altered. In neither case are they you, but only a thing that happens to you. What matters is your intentions and your behavior.”

All for His Glory,
Pastor James Baker

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