Mark 13:21 (CEV) If someone should say, “Here is the Messiah!” or “There he is!” don’t believe it. 22 False messiahs and false prophets will come and work miracles and signs. They will even try to fool God’s chosen ones. 23 But be on your guard! That’s why I am telling you these things now.

The reality of false Christ’s, wars, and famines, these are the signs that characterize our fallen world (Matthew 24:4-8). Be mindful we shouldn’t assume the end of the world is near when false messiah’s, wars, and famines appear. In fact, the end may still be far off (Mark 13:7). What signs do see around you that are described in today’s scripture?

However, these terrifying events serve as reminders to us that we cannot save ourselves. Only The Lord can defeat the evil that is pervasive in this world. I am simply saying scripture does not give these signs so we can calculate the year and date when the world will end as some people will tell you today. Have you heard of those who can tell you what and when God is doing something? what does the signs of the times really mean?

Jesus told His disciples no one knows the date or the hour (Mark 13:32). Instead, Jesus simply warned them, as today’s word shares “Be on guard!”(Mark 13:23 CEV) Have a spirit-filled Monday as you live your best life now!

In His Love,
Pastor James Baker

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