Psalm 135:14 (NKJV) For the LORD will judge His people, and He will have compassion on His servants.

There’s a word in this verse that deserves our time and attention. It’s the word servant, which can be more literally rendered “one who is bound.” When we read the word servant, we can romanticize it by thinking it’s something optional or even . This is not the type of servant being described in today’s reading passage; this type of servant is someone who is bound, in fact, represents a slave.

At first glance, we wrestle with the idea of being enslaved to anyone or anything. The word slave carries a lot of negative connotations with it, and rightfully so. So when we apply it to something as sacred and special as our relationship with God, it doesn’t seem right. Especially for those of us whose lives have been impacted by slavery historically we say to ourselves “Wait, that can’t be what the Bible is actually saying, can it?”

That is what it’s saying. Family of God, Scripture unmistakably spells out a master-slave relationship between God and us. God is in complete control, and we are to be in complete submission to the Lord. Our will is to be completely consumed by the Lord’s, and we give ourselves away to the Lord by choice. However this kind of slave master relationship is not oppressive it’s rather the ultimate freedom!

But that’s only half the story. The other half is that while we are slaves, our Master is compassionate towards us and incomparably so. Our Lord has an inexhaustible reservoir of grace and goodness for us, and His treatment of us will never be in question or lacking in fairness or faithfulness. Because Our Lord is who He is, our quality of life as God’s servants is actually greater than if we remained “free” apart from the Lord’s Divine compassionate authority.The sacred Scriptures are replete with paradoxes, and here’s one we must never forget: We are never so free as when we’re enslaved to our God.

Prayer: Sovereign Lord, our human heart wants to fight against the notion of being enslaved to You. Open the eyes of our hearts today so that we can trust our enslavement to You as the ultimate freedom, In Jesus name, Amen!

Advancing the Lord’s Kingdom,
Pastor James

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