Luke 6:36 (NKJV) “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful”

In the New Testament let’s consider what Jesus says about the word “Mercy” here is extracted from misericordia, the Greek word for “misery.” The full meaning of this word is: “to take to heart the misery of another, with the intention of giving him comfort and relief.” So being merciful means taking on another person’s hurt!

This is just what our Lord Jesus does for us. How many times has Jesus taken on your misery and suffering, giving you comfort, rest and forgiveness in return? How often has our Lord Jesus wiped away your tears and spoken a kind word to you when you didn’t deserve it or found yourself in pain? I know the Lord has done it for me, time after time after time!

How can you not find it in your heart to take on the misery and pain of someone you know is hurting? The Greek word for “kindness” has its roots in these words: “oracle” and “soft touch.” Are you an oracle of hope to your brothers and sisters , offering them a word of hope from the Lord, with the soft touch of comfort? According to Scripture, all you have to do to be His oracle of love is to represent to others who Jesus really is.

The word “compassion” means “being affected, touched by the misery of others, and determining to do something about it.” This doesn’t mean approaching someone in sin and telling him, “I’ve got a word from heaven for you, brother. You’ve got sin in your life!”

If he/she has sin in their life, they already know it! And they would probably answer you with Jeremiah’s cry: “Please, don’t deal with me in anger, or you’ll reduce me to nothing. I’m already down far enough. Don’t reduce me any further!” Remember today’s message “Mercy” responds in comfort and offers relief! Another definition for Mercy is not giving you what you rightfully deserve!

If you have had a revelation of the Lord’s glory, you know what it means to taste His love, mercy and forgiveness. And you are being changed by that glory. Now, Jesus says, take that glory and shine it on the world around you. It is time to act in love, as your Lord has continually done for you!

For His Kingdom
Pastor James

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