Hebrews 11:7 (NKJV) By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household. The story of Noah and the Ark is something most of us can’t even remember hearing for the first time. It’s an account buried so deep down in our minds that we have literally grown up with it. It’s a story that even non-Christians are well acquainted with. It’s the remarkable record of Noah and the Ark. What is the relevance of the Ark story for our lives today?

Whenever we come to something as familiar as this, we run the risk of being somewhat immune to it. We already know how the story goes and so we kind of close ourselves off to any fresh insights about it. But if we’re willing to look closely, we find something interesting that plays into our study of God’s word and faith walk spiritually.

Notice that Noah’s faith was at the back of his immortal exploits. He was a man who simply heard the warning of God, accepted it as true, and then set out to do something about it. There was an activity that accompanied Noah’s faith, and the same can be said of any genuine trust in the Lord. The bottom line is Noah responded to the Lord!

Our Faith walk with the Lord is not a spectator sport. The Faith walk is active and doesn’t isolate or remove itself from critical responsibility. Responsive Faith is actually the fuel that leads a person to pick up the tools, gather the materials, and to summon the physical strength needed to build the Ark. Apart from a Responsive faith, God’s warning goes unheeded, the ark never gets built, and the human race perishes. But with faith came the activity that God wanted and humanity needed. A Responsive Faith was the ark’s architect.

God isn’t going to tell us to build an ark. But He will warn us about certain situations that will arise in our lives. The big question is whether we have the faith to recognize his warning and then respond accordingly. It’s a question we need to ask ourselves, and it’s a question that our actions will ultimately answer for us. Have a fantastic day people of God!

Pastor James

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