Genesis 5:24 (NKJV) And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.

Is it possible for any of us in these modern days to so live that we may walk with God? Can we walk with God in the shop, in the office, in the household, or on the street? When men exasperate us, and work wearies us, and the children challenge us, and folk just annoy us, and our best-thought out plans fall to pieces; then can we walk with God?

How about when religious ideologies which fails us in the every-day trials, and experiences of life has somewhere in it some major discouragement. To me it should be more than a something seemingly insignificant to sustain us in the rushing tide of life, and land us exhausted and dripping on the other side. Just as the disciples experienced in (Matthew 14:22-33), when Jesus just walked on water and rescued them. I am writing today with a poetical touch, please indulge me.

I mean really sisters and brothers, it ought to be, if it comes from above, to be always, day by day, to our souls as the wings of a bird, bearing us away from and beyond the impediments which seek to hold us down. And yes there is always something holding us down family. But be reminded people of God, that’s how the Lord does it for us, He walks with us and He talks with us, and tell us that we are His own. If the Divine Love of God be a conscious presence, an indwelling force with us, it will do this day by day! “He Walks with us” family of God and I am so grateful the Lord does, have a marvelous day!

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