Genesis 7:1(GNT) The Lord said to Noah, “Go into the boat with your whole family; I have found that you are the only one in all the world who does what is right.

As I think about that title, we probably could have titled it “Your Family”, or “All Families”, because what family doesn’t have some dysfunction? Yes, we know God’s standards, His commands, His examples and His standard of holiness. But we also realize we live in a fallen world, we have a sinful nature. So while we strive for God’s standards, we and those we love, too often fall short (Romans 3:23), and it results in what we’ve labeled “dysfunction.”

It’s an interesting word, its spelled funny and when you look at it and combine it with the word, family, dysfunctional family: it sounds like the family has a disease and should be ashamed. We have to get the place where we realize that family matters. Do you think family matters?

Back to the word dysfunction: here’s the definition I found in the dictionary: abnormal or unhealthy interpersonal behavior or interaction within a group. When we talk about dysfunction, it’s a label that makes me a little uncomfortable to use at times. I wish there was a better word to reference families that struggle with their behavior and relationships, but I haven’t found it yet.

I have been making every effort to generate support for our Ministry without creating drama or crisis, help us as we have started a Ministry and its name is Grace and Truth we want to help families and those who need God in a relevant manner. If you are feeling a God-nudge to help those who are struggling, would you please respond with your gift in support of this life-changing ministry today? There will be many grateful individuals for your support.

I’m not talking about our staff; I’m talking about the single mom who’s raising her kid and finds help reading our daily word cups or calling our prayer line 605-475-4700, (Access 214278), praying about how to deal with poor behavior and attitudes because someone called in with the exact same issue she’s struggling with. Each and every person who comes in contact with Grace and Truth Ministry looking for help benefits from your gift!
Have a great day living in the blessings of God.

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