Romans 8:28(NKJV) And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

The hearts of Men and Women are failing them for fear over the things happening in this earth realm. Even devout believers are getting caught up in this wave of fear and anxiety about the future. People are afraid the ship is sinking. Mankind is yearning for security can you sense it family of God?

Does it all sound scary? Certainly everything appears to be falling apart, as far as the natural eye can discern. In his honest moments, even the skeptic must admit that something apocalyptic is taking place in the world. The Government is closed down and it’s just a very uncertain time we live in family and friends.

Along with a Word of vision for these troubling times, God has given me a very special message of hope for all true believers. I desperately questioned God about all the things that are happening right now. I asked the Lord to show me how people of God can do all they have to do in a limited time when so many are going into hiding. How can Christians keep fear out of their hearts? How can they face all the news reports and anticipate all the calamities and disasters without being afraid for their homes and children? Do they abdicate and turn this old world over to the devil and let him have his way? Do they pay off all their bills, out away some reserves in the bank, then just try to ride it out while hoping that a better day will come? Do they let their motivation die and surrender to fear? Do they abandon all their dreams and ambitions and become as hermits?

Dear family and friends, hear what the Holy Spirit is casting in the earth at this time through the scriptures and authentic leaders. Just five little words, but so powerful that they awakened in me a glorious new hope and faith. Those five little words are: God has everything under control.

That is right, everything is under control! You and I, and everything that touches us, are under His control. No matter how things look in this drunken world, all things are still working together for good to everyone who loves God and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Sisters and brothers, I felt compelled to remind you God has everything under control!!!

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