Romans 5:20b (KJV) But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

Sometimes sin has a way of sneaking up on us. In the beginning, we don’t intend to rebel against God; in fact, we don’t think much about God at all. We think, instead, about the glamor of sin, and we think (in fact incorrectly) that sin is “harmless.” Some of us don’t even think or even talk about sin being a reality in our lives.

If we deny our sins, we allow those sins to gain momentum in our lives. And if we allow sinful behaviors to become habits, we invite certain hardships into our own lives and into the lives of our loved ones. I can promise you this is true, I am living witness of today’s message.

Sin brings down our character. When we yield to the distractions and temptations of this troubled world, we suffer. But God has other intentions. His plans for our lives do not include sin or denial. However wherever you find sin in your life, God will display that much more grace if you will only look for it.

Sometimes, in a futile attempt to justify our behaviors, we make a distinction between “big” sins and “little” ones. To do so is a mistake of “big” proportions. Sins of all shapes and sizes have the power to do us great harm. And in a world where sin is big business, that’s certainly a sobering reality and thought. Sin it’s a tough subject matter but it must be dealt with by us sisters and brothers! Love all you great people, enjoy the rest of the day!

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