Genesis 18:14 (KJV) Is anything too hard for the LORD?

It is possible that we can at times be afraid to ask God to do big things in our life? Is your faith shallow and unchallenged? If so, it’s time to abandon your current faith practices and reclaim your faith in God’s promises.

Our faith should be directed to a God of infinite possibilities. But sometimes, because of limited faith and limited understanding, we wrongly assume that God cannot or will not intervene in the affairs that we need now and for our lives. Some of our assumptions are simply wrong about God and the promises the Lord has for our life!

Today God’s Holy Word makes it clear: absolutely nothing is impossible for the Lord. And since the Bible means what it says, you can have consolation in the knowledge that the Creator of the universe can do miraculous things in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

Your challenge, and faith as a believer, is to take God at His word, and to expect the impossible and miraculous. whatever the situation maybe: Living a clean single life, Raising your child as a single parent, Making your marriage work, Going back to school, Developing yourself for authentic Ministry service and yes even that terminal health situation! The God of the impossible is here right now, and nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Prayer: Auspicious God, nothing is impossible for You, and thank You for reminding me today to be always mindful of Your divine strength. When I lose hope, give me faith; when others lose hope, let me tell them of Your awesome splendor and Your glory. Today, Lord, let me expect the impossible and miraculous, in You, In Jesus name Amen!

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