Matthew 19:4 (GNT) Jesus answered, “Haven’t you read the scripture that says that in the beginning the Creator made people male and female? 5 And God said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one.’ 6 So they are no longer two, but one. No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together.”

On one hand, What a tremendous blessing it is for two individuals to work together in unity. They are able to accomplish and enjoy far more together than they ever could alone. Every good marriage is made up of more than just the sum of its two distinctive parts. Marriage multiplies the pleasures, the accomplishments, and the opportunities of life. Or should I say, at least God’s plan for marriage has Greater blessings which maybe a new perspective for someone married today.

On the other hand, their new oneness implies many restrictions; the two individuals are no longer free to make their own decisions or set their own goals as individuals, without consideration for each other as a one Unit or as the Bible says the two becoming as one (Matthew 19:6). What does your marriage reflect if you are married? And if you are planning on marrying what are your views?

Although in our 21st century culture the decision to marry is made by the two individuals, once they commit themselves to the God-ordained institution of marriage it is in effect God who has joined them together (Genesis 2:23-24). They are therefore responsible to God for their commitment to each other.

Lastly, sisters and brothers what God has joined together in the holy covenant of matrimony is not to be taken lightly or selfishly or wrongly separated by any mere individual. Therefore, strive to make yourselves, and those loved ones of yours who are married, more unified for the glory of God. Never seek to divide what God has connected together. Anyway at least it’s some food for thought! So if your marriage is not where you want it, there is still time to work it out!
Enjoy your day people of God.

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