Proverbs 1:8 (NIV) “Do not forsake your mother’s teaching…”

Whether you call her momma, mother, or mom, your mother will always hold a special place in your heart. Mom is always on call and nearly always the first one summoned when someone needs help. She can be your best friend. She can be your harshest critic. But she never stops being your mother, and never stops loving you!

God holds mothers in high regard. Scripture records the prayers from women wanting to bear children and the prayers of mothers coping with the children God gave them. We find mothers seeking God’s will, mothers giving advice, mothers making mistakes, and mothers getting it right. There is nothing like a Mother that knows God, trust me I know!

As this Mother’s Day approaches, memories of my Mom known as Ambassador Shirley Baker, and my Grandmother Dr. Inez Girtman, along with My Aunt know Evangelist Vivian Kelly are vivid and certainly they are missed beyond words. However, I take courage in my heart of hearts knowing that the Man that I am today and am becoming everyday has been profoundly influenced by these great Women of God. Rest in the Bosom of our Lord Women of God!

Just wanted to give a great shout out to My Wife Robin, My Sister Angela, and My Aunts Mary, Michel, Marva, Shirley, My Daughters Ashley and Eboni who are now Mother’s and of course to each of you “Mother’s” of my Word Cup family for being in my life today. Without each of you my life could not have the purpose and meaning that propels me to be all I can be, so love you all with my Heart! Have the Best Mother’s Day Ever is my Prayer to you all!

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