Ecclesiastes 8:5 (NLT) Those who obey him will not be punished. Those who are wise will find a time and a way to do what is right.

Did you know that finding a way to help others is an expression of faith in the Lord? It shows that we believe in the sovereignty of God. We don’t’ have to wait until the pain in our life is gone, because we know God can use it for our good. If you are presently challenged in your health, or your emotional sanity? You can still use this opportunity to give glory to God.

In finding a way to help others requires that you ask two questions: What is God doing? And how can I get into the flow of the Lord’s purposes? When we ask these questions, ideas will come. And once we begin doing this, the ‘why is this happening to me’ question, which once seemed so important, becomes insignificant.

The best answer to why is always what. When we stop asking, “Why has God allowed this?” And begin asking, “What does the Lord want me to do with it?” we are ready for God to start his work in us, and that prepares us for service. Finding a way to serve or help others is a demonstration of Faith in the Lord! Blessings and peace be yours today.

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