Luke 12:34 (NKJV) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
I was sitting preparing a message to Preach, and the thought that what I was preparing to preach wasn’t good enough; I couldn’t believe it. I was bothered by it but really couldn’t do anything about it. But my insecurities out of no where surfaced and for that moment I wasn’t good enough. I wonder can anyone relate to this? What if someone finds this out about me? Anyway the thought passed and I prepared the message anyway, and the Lord was Honored through it.

It was ridiculous to be consumed with such thoughts. Looking back I laugh at it, but at the time, it wasn’t funny. It’s kind of sad the way my mind can obsesses over things like this, and a rather sad example of what can be so important to us at times. Why do we focus on the negative aspects of life? How many of us compare ourselves to others and worry we don’t measure up? How many times do we walk into a group setting and worry about what we are wearing and how we look, so concerned that it’s the way others think it should be?

What is more important? That I always look right in front of people or that I set aside time to be with the Lord? Or how about making a purchase to fill a void inside, or to support the kingdom of God with that money? Would God rather I memorize Scripture, and apply it to my life?

What is your focus on today? Are you working to do a better job than the person in the next cubicle because you want to look better to the boss, or are you working to show them God’s love in some way for their benefit? Is it on kingdom living, or looking and sounding good all the time? Let today’s message cause you to reflect on where your Heart is.

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