II Samuel 1:7 (NLT) When he turned and saw me, he cried out for me to come to him. ‘How can I help?’ I asked him.

Are you reluctant to ask for help? You are most assuredly not alone. Too many of us are unwilling to admit we need help. We think it’s a sign of weakness. But it’s really a sign of pride and independence from God not dependence on God. Just thought I’d let you know both of which go against the grain of a healthy dependence upon God and the power of His Holy Spirit in our lives.

God wants to give you good things. He’s hoping you’ll humbly admit that you have needs. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Remember, God made us to relate to one another, and to love one another. We weren’t made to live life alone. If you are “the strong” one that is always lending a hand and seeing to it that others are taken care of, it’s hard for you to let someone know you need help, but it’s important that you do.

I don’t know who this Word is for today but one thing I do know; this Word is for somebody like me. We need more two way streets in our Kingdom relationships and community. I am learning to ask for help everyday so let’s begin now, would you who are reading this message today, please keep me in prayer as I make every effort to serve you and our Great God! Love you and have a great weekend!

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