Psalm 46:1, 11 (NIV) God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Knowing how to respond to tragedy is never easy. Maybe it’s the terrible sense of loss you feel. Perhaps it’s the desire to know why the tragic event happened that leaves you feeling alienated and alone. Was it something you did? Was it someone else’s fault? Why did God allow it to happen? These questions usually go unanswered because “Why?” is almost always the wrong question. Recently in one of my Bible studies I had a woman share with the study of how her son committed suicide, now this was a present day tragedy for her and our entire study!

Remember Job? The Bible tells us Job was a godly man. Yet, he lost everything; his wealth, family, and his health. Why did all of this happen, especially to such a good man? When you read the story of Job, you’ll discover his suffering was the result of spiritual warfare. Nevertheless, Job didn’t know this. His friends accused him of having some hidden sin in his life. And as time passed Job grew increasingly upset and confused. He even began to question God’s sense of justice.

In the end, however, Job’s arguments were silenced before God. While God never explained fully to Job why the disasters had befallen him, he did bring Job to a place of Godly surrender. This increased Job’s understanding of God and gave him the proper perspective to continue life with faith in God. Neither Job nor any other man/woman who has suffered a serious loss can ever fully understand why a catastrophe has happened.

But if you’re willing to seek God and surrender your life and your situation into His powerful hands, God will do a work in you and through you that will restore your spirit and bring Him honor and glory. Have a great weekend and enjoy your family’s and friendships like never before!

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